General Tournament Rules


  • Participants are expected to follow all applicable laws and rules for safe boating.
  • The skipper is legally responsible for the safety of the boat and all the people on board, and is also responsible for complying with all the relevant rules and regulations.
  • Mahia is under the HBRC and there are rules for boats under 6 meters for the wearing of life jackets. Please comply with these. 
  • Every boat has to have the right sized lifejacket for each person on board. This is a legal requirement, and this rule applies to all boats.
  • Get a marine weather forecast before you head out and listen for regular updates while you are out. Make sure the sea conditions are suitable for your boat and crew.
  • Carry at least two means of communicating distress on you.
  • Avoid alcohol or limit its intake – alcohol impairs judgement and the ability to survive in an emergency.
  • Participants are expected to understand and follow the “rules of the road on the water”.
  • Participants are expected to follow all applicable laws pertaining to the taking of marine fish.



  • All registrations must be received before launching. No radio registrations will be accepted.
  • Registration may be completed in advance by mail, internet, in person at selected locations, or by telephone. Mailed entries must be received by 5pm the evening prior to commencement of tournament.
  • It is the skipper’s responsibility to ensure all anglers are registered. The committee must be notified if any angler changes boats.
  • Minimum of two people per boat (for safety reasons). No spectators allowed on boats.
  • Entry fees are non-refundable unless the tournament is cancelled or postponed by the committee.
  • Tournament officials may verify proper registration at any time by requesting presentation of identification.



  • Participants are eligible to compete in only one division at a time.
  • All fishing is to be done from a boat; there is no shore section, Rod & Reel only.
  • All commercial boats must be deregistered for tournaments.
  • Boat trailers must be named. If your trailer is not named you will be disqualified.



  • All boats must leave and return to Mokotahi or Whangawehi.
  • In the event of an emergency, any boat using a port other than Mokotahi or Whangawehi, must report it to the tournament committee immediately. Failure to do so may result in the fish or the anglers aboard being disqualified from the tournament.



  • The angler credited with a catch must have personally hooked and played the fish to boat side, without assistance. Normal sport fishing practices for landing a fish (e.g. gaffing, wiring, or landing nets) may be assisted.
  • Electrically driven reels on a free-standing rod are prohibited unless approved by the committee at time of registration.
  • The use of Braid is allowed during tournaments but anglers must be aware if fish are being weighed for NZ records then IGFA rules apply.



  • In the event of bad weather, cancellation or postponement notices will be made 7:00am on the morning of the tournament. Notification will be over VHF Channel 63. Any boats out at that time will be recalled.
  • Tournament Fishing Hours begin (First Lines in the Water) at 5:00am, and out at 10pm unless stated otherwise on tournament rules. (This excludes the Tuna Tournament, see Tuna Rules at Registration time)
  • Official Weigh Station Hours are 2:00pm – 6:00pm day one/two of tournament, 12.00pm – 4pm final day of tournament unlesss other wise altered on tournament rules.
  • Tournament Prize Giving will be held at the club rooms at scheduled times. 



  • Official Weigh Station is the Mahia Boating & Fishing Club, Mahia Beach. Only registered anglers may compete and weigh fish.
  • Fish may be officially weighed any time the weigh station is open. No fish will be weighed after final weigh in on the last day of the tournament. Boats must be lined up at the clubrooms by weigh in time.
  • Any boats with fish to weigh that are delayed by assisting or rescuing another boat must advise the weigh master by radio so that arrangements can be made to get the fish weighed in late. Towing boats may weigh in late but towed boats are not eligible for late weigh-in.
  • All fish to be weighed must be presented individually to the weigh master with a completed catch card. Fish brought to weigh-in must be in a fresh, edible condition and must not have been frozen or have evidence of tampering.



  • The decision of judges in respect of all matters relating to tournaments shall be final and binding to all contestants.
  • Should you wish to make a complaint in regards to a decision then contact a committee member and this will be dealt with by the complaints committee. The complaints committee consists of the President and/or Club Captain and three other committee members.
  • In the interests of safety the committee reserves the right to alter all times or shorten the duration of the tournament.



  • All entrants participate in the tournament at their own risk.
  • Club Committee members and all other persons directly or indirectly connected with the operation of the tournament are exempt from any liability for loss, damage, injury, negligence, or harm to any entrant, their companions or other participants, boat captains, crew members, vessels, or equipment which may occur during the tournament.



  • Ship-to-shore communication for safety and for periodic tournament announcements will be maintained throughout the tournament on Mahia VHF channel 63.
  • Skeds will be throughout each day of the tournaments. See the specific tournament rules when registering for sked times.
  • All boats must answer skeds, detailing location by using sponsors map, number of people on board, and expected return time.
  • Please call in any major hook ups or any other fish worth reporting.



  • Tournament Prize Giving will be held at the Clubrooms 6:00pm final day of Tournament.
  • Prizes must be taken as offered. (No conversions)
  • Bar will be open during registration, prize giving and other times as advertised.
  • BBQ will be provided at prize giving.